LivScreen: Liver toxicity screening platform for patient-specific drug response

Unmet Medical Need: Liver toxicity is one of the most important causes for drug failure in clinical trials and drug withdrawal from market. Currently, pharmaceutical companies rely on animal studies to assess hepatotoxicity, but the results are often not predictive of human response. There is a significant need for a more predictive in vitro hepatotoxicity system to lower development time and cost. 

Envisioned Healthcare Product: LivScreen is a library of liver-on-a-chip devices capable of capturing the individual differences in human populations and mimicking human liver performance for high-throughput drug screening. By eliminating drugs in the developmental stage rather than late-stage clinical trials, companies and researchers can streamline the drug development pipeline and save significant time and resources.  

Stage of Development:  Hypothesis testing, proof of concept

Collaborative Research Team: Kam Leong, PhD and Serge Cremers, PhD, PharmD


Funding Cycle: 2016-2017