Microchip with Tumor-Organoid-and-Blood-Vessel to Screen Drug Efficacy and Toxicity

Unmet Medical Need: In preclinical oncology drug development, existing 2D-culture cell models cannot accurately predict drug efficacy in vivo. Animal models are expensive and low-throughput. And neither model is able to assess cancer cell metastasis effectively.

Envisioned Healthcare Product: The proposed technology enables high-throughput drug screening via tumor-organoids and tissue-engineered blood vessels on a 3D-microchip. By creating a 3D micro-physiological system, the microchip effectively mimics the human body, enabling drug developers to monitor cancer metastasis quantitatively in real time to more accurately validate a drug’s efficacy and toxicity, thus saving time and money in the drug development pathway.

Stage of Development:  Prototype testing

Collaborative Research Team: Kam Leong, PhDZaoZao Chen, PhD; and Swarnali Acharyya, MD


Funding Cycle: 2017-2018