We are extremely pleased to announce newly funded projects in the Columbia-Coulter Translational Research Program portfolio.

The Columbia-Coulter program provides education, funding and project management to promising technologies, with the goal of moving innovations to clinical application in order to address unmet clinical needs and improve patient care. Awards go to projects with the highest chances of achieving a successful outcome, defined as a license to a commercial partner or new venture with the resources and expertise to bring the technology to market.

All of this year's 30+ applicant teams worked extremely hard over the six month application period to hone their proposals. Ultimately, the following eight innovations were chosen by the judges for support. Funds are awarded to perform a "killer experiment", that is, an experiment that will substantially remove risk and leave no doubt that the product will be an improvement over the status quo.  

CONGRATULATIONS to this year's award recipients!


"ProstaDOT: Diffuse optical tomography for prostate cancer detection" PIs: Hyun Keol Kim, PhD, Emerson Lim, MD

"SCAPE-Tech PathFinderTM: Real-time in vivo histopathology" PIs: Elizabeth Hillman, PhD, John Poneros, MD


"AptaPrecision: Personalized screening for minimal residual disease in multiple myeloma" PIs: Qiao Lin, PhD, Tilla Worgall, MD, PhD

"LivScreen: Liver toxicity screening platform for patient-specific drug response" PIs: Kam Leong, PhD, Serge Cremers, PhD, PharmD

"Sunalyzer: App-based system to analyze sunscreen coverage" PIs: Ioannis Kymissis, PhD, Carisa Kymissis, MD 

"UrineChip: Distinguishing dehydration from fatal kidney injury" PIs: Sam Sia, PhD, Jonathan Barasch, MD, PhD

"urOvol: Electronic device that automatically measures and records patient urine output" PIs: Sinisa Vukelic, PhD, Alexander Kushnir, MD, PhD


"RevitaTooth: Injectable hydrogel for revitalizing endodontic therapy" PIs: Helen Lu, PhD, Gunnar Hasselgren, DDS, PhD


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