Conform-a-Care: Elasticated, contouring wound dressing for optimal wound care

Unmet Medical Need: Standard of care for large wounds requires a multistep process in which successive layers of dressings are applied and secured in place. It is a labor intensive, time-consuming and painful process, and diminishes patient quality of life.

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  Conform-a-Care is an elasticated dressing for direct contact with wounds. It combines traditional layers of wound care into one tube-like configuration, worn like a stocking/sleeve in order to decrease pain and improve engagement in daily activities. Patients with Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare fragile skin condition, epitomize the shortcomings of today’s products and inspired Conform-a-Care. Patients with burns, adhesive allergies, elderly skin and eczema stand to benefit from this product as well.

Stage of Development:  Proof-of-Concept

Collaborative Research Team: Mary Boyce, PhD and Laura Levin, MD

Funding Cycle: 2017-2018