HAVA: A therapeutic OTC inhalant device to alleviate inflammation and pain of the complete upper aerodigestive tract

Unmet Medical Need:  Each year millions of people suffer from symptoms of sore throat, laryngitis and cough due to colds and inflammation of the upper aerodigestive tract. Current methods of treatment are suboptimal and rely primarily on throat gargles, sprays, and lozenges, which treat only the mouth and part of the upper throat. They completely miss 50% of the inflamed area.

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  This product is an OTC inhaled liquid mist that is inexpensive, portable, disposable, natural, tastes good, and is more effective because it treats the entire upper aerodigestive tract. The target market would be everyday people with cough, voice and sore throat complaints, as well as singers and voice professionals.

Stage of Development:  Prototype Testing

Collaborative Research Team: Sinisa Vukelic, PhD and Michael Pitman, MD

Funding Cycle: 2018-2019