inSensor: Novel device for reducing pulmonary complications by improving compliance with incentive spirometer use

Unmet Medical Need: Hospitalized patients develop pulmonary complications. Incentive spirometers (IS) encourage deep, slow breathing, resulting in a significant decrease in pulmonary complications and reduced hospital length-of-stay. However, despite widespread distribution of these devices, compliance rates are abysmal, with the majority of patients rarely using them.

Envisioned Healthcare Product: inSensor is an inexpensive, disposable device that attaches to any incentive spirometer, tracks compliance and reminds patients to use the IS. By facilitating compliance with IS use, inSensor can decrease pulmonary complications and decrease healthcare costs. 

Stage of Development:  Clinical Trials

Collaborative Research Team: Sinisa Vukelic, PhD and Alexander Kushnir, MD, PhD


Funding Cycle: 2017-2018