LabCards: Clinical Support Software

Unmet Medical Need:  When making decisions on what laboratory tests to order, clinicians frequently run the risk of selecting tests unrelated to the clinical hypothesis or failing to select a related test. Clinicians also face challenges when interpreting multiple test results in relation to possible associated diseases, resulting in high costs in unnecessary medical tests, or expensive cases of malpractice. 

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  A clinical decision support software engine that aids in the selection of lab tests and interpretation of results. LabCards functions as an automated metadata acquisition pipeline that draws upon authoritative knowledge sources to create a specialized data structure for easy-to-use clinical support software. 

Stage of Development:  Start-up

2015 Health Practice Research Pilot Award Recipient Jose Morales, PhD for LabCards

Collaborative Research Team:  John Wright, PhD, Steven Spitalnik, MD and Jose Morales, PhD

Funding Cycle: 2015-2016