MicrOA: A MicroCT-Based Structural Analysis System to Monitor and Assess Osteoarthritis

Unmet Medical Need:  Current techniques for OA diagnosis are unreliable and insensitive. Earlier detection and treatment of OA has the potential to reduce high long term costs associated with treating terminal OA.

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  The envisioned product is a high resolution computed tomography (CT) scanner equipped with a robust image analysis software that can detect subtle but important microstructural changes associated with OA. This will allow researchers and pharmaceutical companies to identify early physiological changes so they can develop treatments for pre-symptomatic OA. Once treatments are developed, the product will be incorporated as a clinical diagnostic tool for prescreening and detection of those who may benefit from treatment.

Stage of Development:  Prototype testing

Collaborative Research Team: X. Edward Guo, PhD; and Elizabeth Shane, MD

Funding Cycle: 2017-2018