MicroClot: Device to rapidly assess antiplatelet drug efficacy for patients at risk for thrombosis

Unmet Medical Need:  Current treatments of blood-clotting disorders often fail due to differences in patient response to clot-preventing drugs. Current point-of-care technologies can identify patients who are at risk of blood clots, however, their prognostic utility is poor, and their ability to determine common drug efficacy is suboptimal. 

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  MicroClot technology consists of a low-volume microfluidic device enabling rapid point-of-care determination of treatment response to the majority of antithrombotic agents, including aspirin and Plavix. The device determines whether patients are receiving the correct amount of medication in order to prevent blood clots.

Stage of Development:  Testing prototype

Collaborative Research Team:  Sam Sia, PhD and Thomas Diacovo, MD

Funding Cycle: 2015-2016