MySmileBuddy: Electronic counseling tool to help families stop young children’s tooth decay and reduce dental treatment

Unmet Medical Need:  Tooth decay in young poor children is common and consequential yet preventable. Current treatment – dental repair under anesthesia -- is costly, imposing, and ineffective in stopping disease progression because it fails to address disease etiology. Needed is a solution that educates, guides, and supports families’ adoption of healthful behaviors.

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  “MySmileBuddy’s” electronic tool of interactive apps, videos, and assessments meets this need by supporting lay health workers’ interaction with at-risk families. With an ROI greater than 5:1 and an initial market of Medicaid managed care vendors in 5 states, MySmileBuddy holds strong promise to improve dental outcomes at lower cost.

Stage of Development:  Clinical Testing

Funding Cycle: 2018-2019