ACE: Graft to Support Rotator Cuff Repairs

Unmet Medical Need:  20-90% of rotator cuff repair surgeries fail, as implants or grafts used to repair tendons do not often restore rotator cuff function or strength in patients over longer time periods.

Envisioned Healthcare Product: A synthetic polymer graft for rotator cuff repair that mimics fiber alignment and mineral distribution of native tissue at the insertion site, permitting true osteointegration of the graft at the tendon-to-bone interface. This provides a low-cost, scalable manufacturing method that improves surgical outcomes, reduces the chance of surgical failure, and lowers the need for repeat surgery. 

Stage of Development:  The safety and efficacy of the device have been successfully evaluated in preclinical large- and small-scale animal studies.

December 2011 UPDATE

December 2015 UPDATE

Collaborative Research Team:  Helen Lu PhD and William Levine MD

Funding Cycle: 2012-2013