AlloSafe: Increasing cell viability of fresh osteochondral allografts during storage and transport

Unmet Medical Need:  Cartilage injuries affect approximately 900,000 American a year, and result in more than 200,000 surgical procedures in which osteochondral allografts are employed to treat patients. However, by the time allografts are ready for implantation, cell viability is compromised and the window for implantation is short (14 days).  

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  AlloSafe is a tissue maintenance and transportation system that helps increase cell viability and extends the shelf life of osteochondral allografts. Tissue banks and clinicians will have longer time periods to match tissues with patients, leading to improved matches, reduced tissue waste, and improved clinical outcomes.

Stage of Development: Licensed

Collaborative Research Team:  Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic PhD and Sidney Eisig MD

Funding Cycle: 2014-2015