RevitaTooth: Injectable hydrogel for revitalizing endodontic therapy

Unmet Medical Need:  In the United States alone, 16 million root canal therapies are performed annually, and root canal therapy continues to be the gold standard for patients with irreversible pulp infection. However, by removing the dental pulp, a root canal extinguishes tooth vitality and eliminates its growth in young patients, as well as its ability to self-repair in adults. 

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  The RevitaTooth technology eliminates pulp infection in patients with tooth decay without compromising tooth vitality, growth, and self-repair. It is an injectable material that can be solidified in situ and readily incorporated into current endodontic procedures. Moreover, as a less invasive procedure, our product will be less costly and will reduce the number of revision surgeries and related failures, directly benefiting both patients and payers. 

Stage of Development:  Animal Testing

Collaborative Research Team: Helen Lu, PhD, and Gunnar Hasselgren, DDS, PhD

Funding Cycle: 2016-2017