TEAM Helmet: The Transmitted Electroencephalogram Activity Monitoring Helmet: A real-time, objective, physiological means of diagnosing concussion as it happens

Unmet Medical Need:  Concussions affect nearly 4 million young Americans annually. When recurrent and unrecognized, concussion has serious neuropsychiatric morbidity and morality, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Current sports diagnostic approaches fail to identify 80% of concussions. 

Envisioned Healthcare Product:  The TEAM Helmet improves the accuracy of concussion diagnosis in real-time using embedded EEG to alert individuals on the sideline of concussion signals  

Stage of Development: Spinout and licencsure to NoMo Diagnostics

January 2018 Update 

Forbes Article

Wired Article

Collaborative Research Team:  Barclay Morrison, PhD, and James Noble, MD

Funding Cycle: 2015-2016