Evaluating Tumor Response to Cancer Therapy

Unmet Medical Need:  Medical professionals lack precise clinical monitoring/evaluation tools that measure patient response to cancer therapy that informs how to modify treatment plans, stop unnecessary treatment and get patients to more appropriate therapy sooner.

Envisioned Healthcare Product: A CT and MRI software that accurately measures subtle changes in tumor volume and density and a corresponding prototype imaging platform to optimize and translate these algorithms. This technology provides improved segmentation and quantification for better assessment of response to targeted therapies, not only in oncology, but also in neurologic and cardiovascular/ vascular diseases. It also provides a user-friendly, workflow-efficient and extensible platform, thus enabling development of optimal therapeutic trials using quantitative imaging biomarkers, better tumor response assessment, and improved prediction for clinical care. 

Stage of Development:  Licensed to Industry, FDA approved and in use

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Collaborative Research Team:  Binsheng Zhao PhD and Lawrence Schwartz MD

Columbia-Coulter Funding Cycle: 2012-2013