urOvol: Electronic device that automatically measures and records patient urine output

Unmet Medical Need: Although monitoring urine output is critical for patient management, the current system for assessing urine output is cumbersome, inefficient, time consuming and often inaccurate, requiring nurses to manually measure the amount of urine contained in a urine collection bag and then record the data into the electronic medical record (EMR). 

Envisioned Healthcare Product: urOvol is a proprietary, easy-to-use, reusable device that reduces nursing workload, improves physicians' ability to manage patients, and enable hospital systems to provide efficient and less expensive care with fewer urinary infections. 

Stage of Development:  Clinical Trials

Collaborative Research Team: Sinisa Vukelic, PhD and Alexander Kushnir, MD, PhD


Columbia-Coulter Funding Cycle: 2016-2017