XCellent: Device for Maximizing Cellular Yield

Unmet Medical Need:  Collecting tissue samples for diagnosis and testing is now increasingly done via minimally-invasive procedures that yield much smaller amounts of tissue than surgical excision.  As a result, when collecting tissue samples for diagnosis and testing, patients often need repeat biopsies to ensure sufficient cellular yield.

Envisioned Healthcare Product: Keith Yeager (Biomedical Engineering) and Dr. Anjali Saqi (Pathology & Cell Biology) have developed XCellent, a low-cost, single-use cell block device for processing small volume tissue specimens that  maximizes cellular yield and standardizes cell block preparation, thus enabling personalized medicine diagnostic testing, minimizing repeat procedures, and saving technician time.

Collaborative Research Team:  Keith Yeager MSE and Anjali Saqi MD MBA


Funding Cycle: 2013-2014