All members of the team should be committed to commercialization objectives and be open to receiving mentorship, coaching, and oversight of their projects.

The goal of the Accelerator is to position promising biomedical technologies for licensing to commercial partners who will develop solutions to improve patient care and address underserved healthcare needs. 

This is accomplished by de-risking proposed projects, bringing in experts to help inform regulatory strategy, working closely with intellectual property counsel, identifying and engaging early with partners that possess product development capabilities, and carrying out specific, determinative experiments in a disciplined, managed process. This approach is based on the Stage-Gate® process and similar approaches used widely in industry. 

Funded teams are expected to report regularly (3 times per year) on progress toward technical and business milestones.  Additionally, monthly check-ins and cooperation with technology transfer and marketing-related activities are required.  Funded teams are expected to work with their commercialization teams as active partners.

For more information regarding funded projects, please see FAQs