NoMo's Smart Helmet May Diagnose Concussions in Real Time

Tens of thousands of American football players are treated for concussions each year. However, that number is only a fraction of the total number of concussions actually experienced on the field. The Nomo team, awarded BiomedX funding in 2015 and recently featured in Columbia Magazine, is developing a wearable diagnostic helmet that uses electroencephalography (EEG) activity to detect sports concussions in real time to combat this gap in diagnosis.  

The device works by incorporating sensors in the padding of the helmet, which detects the distinct patterns of traumatic brain injury and alerts the appropriate personnel. Dr. James Noble and Dr. Barclay Morrison have been collaborating to develop the technology, which has the potential to make a significant impact on the future of concussion diagnostics.

“Within seconds of a player being hit, everyone will know whether or not he’s suffered a concussion. This will eliminate a lot of the problems you have now with coaches, athletic trainers, and team physicians having to make fairly subjective judgments about who should be removed from a game to receive a full neurological evaluation.” – Dr. James Noble, Columbia Magazine.