Forbes and NBC feature VisionIdeale project

Forbes and NBC have featured our VisionIdeale project, awarded BiomedX funding in 2015. The publications focus on the non-invasive vision correction technique and the impact of our vision correction surgery in today's world where there is an increasing number of patients with shortsightedness. 


Principal Investigator Sinisa Vukelic "has developed a new non-invasive approach to permanently correct vision that shows great promise in preclinical models. His method uses a femtosecond oscillator, an ultrafast laser that delivers pulses of very low energy at high repetition rate, for selective and localized alteration of the biochemical and biomechanical properties of corneal tissue. The technique, which changes the tissue’s macroscopic geometry, is non-surgical and has fewer side effects and limitations than those seen in refractive surgeries. For instance, patients with thin corneas, dry eyes, and other abnormalities cannot undergo refractive surgery. The study, which could lead to treatment for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and irregular astigmatism, was published May 14 in Nature Photonics." - Holly Evarts, Columbia Engineering