We are extremely pleased to announce this year's newly funded projects in the Columbia Biomedical Technology Accelerator portfolio. 

Funds are awarded to perform a "killer experiment", that is, an experiment that will substantially remove risk and leave no doubt that the product will be an improvement over the status quo. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the following teams!


"VISIBLATE: A novel imaging system for real time assessment of ablation lesions during catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias" (Elisa Konofagou, BME; Elaine Wan, Medicine; TLO: Satish Rao)

Immunotherapy / Therapeutics

"IMMPERA: Stem cell therapy to reduce morbidity and mortality from graft-vs-host-disease in bone marrow transplant patients" (Holly Wobma, SEAS & College of Physicians and Surgeons; Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, BME; Markus Mapara, Medicine; TLO: Beth Kauderer) 

"OncoShell: A rapid functional test of breast cancer drug sensitivity" (Laura Kaufman, Chemistry; Asja Guzman, Chemistry; Kevin Kalinsky, Medicine; TLO: Beth Kauderer)


"MicrOA: A MicroCT-Based Structural Analysis System to Monitor and Assess Osteoarthritis" (X. Edward Guo, BME; Elizabeth Shane, Medicine; TLO: Richard Nguyen)


"Aision: Prophylactic drugs to prevent the development of stress-induced mood and anxiety disorders" (Christine Denny, Psychiatry; Michael Grunebaum, Psychiatry; Rebecca Brachman, Neurology; TLO: Ron Katz)

Screening / Diagnostics / Monitoring

"inSensor: Novel device for reducing pulmonary complications in hospitalized patients by improving compliance with incentive spirometer use" (Sinisa Vukelic, Mechanical Engineering; Alexander Kushnir, Medicine; TLO: Sara Gusik)

"Microchip with Tumor-Organoid-and-Blood-Vessel to Screen Drug Efficacy and Toxicity" (Kam Leong, BME; ZaoZao Chen, BME; Swarnali Acharyya, Medicine; TLO: Joan Martinez)

Wound Care

"Conform-a-Care: Elasticated, contouring wound dressing for optimal wound care" (Mary Boyce, Biomedical Engineering; Laura Levin, Dermatology; TLO: Joan Martinez)


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